Hi, my name is Bénédicte and I am a professional photographer with a heart for natural feelgood photography. Besides a degree in photography I have a master in product development and I am an IKO kitesurfing instructor.

It is my passion for people, their stories and an active outdoor lifestyle that has me hooked on storytelling. I go for footage that captures feelings of love and imagery that is soft on the soul and reflects a sense of calm and happiness. Whether it is for loving families or passionate small businesses; being able to capture those moments and bring the feelings alive in print is my goal!

Do you want to capture your family in a natural and spontaneaous way? Or do you have a special event coming up? Need photos for your business? Or maybe you simply want a beautiful print for your livingroom wall? Feel free to contact me for any enquiries! I am happy to help you tell your story.

Photocredit: Dan Cruddis  http://www.dan-cruddis.format.com

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